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At Elite Diamond Buyers™ we are able to buy diamond rings, other diamond jewelry and loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes. Selling a diamond ring can be a big decision. We understand that and can assure you that we buy thousands of diamond rings and loose diamonds a year and satisfy thousands of customers. Our staff knows the business of buying and selling diamonds inside and out, and we buy diamonds every day using our safe, hassle-free mail-in system.

Once you're ready, we'll send you a diamond appraisal kit so you can mail your diamonds or diamond ring to us via FedEx.* Try the Elite Diamond Buyers method to sell your diamonds and benefit from our experience and friendly service.

Types of diamonds we buy

  • Fancies
  • Damaged Diamonds
  • Oval Diamonds
  • Mine Cut Diamonds
  • European Cut Diamonds
  • GIA Diamonds
  • EGL Diamonds


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