How selling diamonds works

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How our process works

We want to work to provide you, the customer, the best experience we can while trying to sell your diamond jewelry. You can have an offer on your unwanted diamond jewelry in just a few days. Follow our quick and easy THREE step process to ensure the safe arrival of your items.

Step 1: Request your diamond appraisal kit

Fill out the form to get your FREE secure and insured Diamond Appraisal Kit.

We will call your within 24 hours with a no obligation quote.

Want Cash Faster? Call us! We will ask you a few additional questions about the items you wish to sell, and then supply you with easy instructions on how to package your items along with a free overnight shipping label.

No printer? Simply present the FedEx® label from your mobile device and a staff member at FedEx will print the label for you. Remember, to package your items yourself in a private, safe and secure location.

Step 2: Ship & track your items

Once your have received your Diamond Appraisal Kit or have printed your overnight shipping label and have securely packaged your items, simply take your box to your nearest FedEx store. Remember, shipping is complimentary! If you prefer, you can schedule a pick up at your home or business.

Please remember, your package is automatically guaranteed against loss or damage for up to $1,000. We can provide additional insurance coverage of up to $25,000 at no additional cost. To request additional coverage, you must call us for instructions at (888) 448-6699.*

Once we receive your package, our expert GIA certified appraisers will evaluate your diamonds through our 100% secure videotape process and prepare to make you a fair offer.

Step 3: Get paid!

Part of the process of providing great customer service is ensuring that you receive your offer in a timely manner. Once we have evaluated your diamond jewelry we will extend you a no obligation same day offer. Should you accept our offer you will be paid within 24 hours by the payment method you have selected within your My Account.

Choose the payment option that works best for you: Company Check, ACH Payment, or Paypal. To receive expedited online payment, select direct deposit or PayPal.

What is in my diamond appraisal kit?

Your appraisal box will arrive in a large FedEx box. It will include the following items:

1. Detailed directions on how to pack your box including the nearest FedEx store. If you prefer, we will provide a number so you can call FedEx and have them pick it up from you. Shipping is complimentary.

2. An inventory card for you to fill out so we know exactly what was shipped to us.

3. Packaging materials including a pouch for your diamonds, bubble wrap, and packaging tape.

4. A box that will serve as an insert for the main shipping box. A self adhesive zip pouch will be included inside.

5. A larger box that will serve as the main shipping box. The pre-paid FedEx shipping label will be secured to the outside. To give you peace of mind, we use FedEx as our preferred shipper. This is a cost that we cover for you. Your package is automatically insured up to $1,000 in the event of loss or damage. Upon pre-approval, we offer additional coverage of up to $25,000 at no extra cost. To get approved please call us at (888) 448-6699.