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How do I use my appraisal box to send you my diamond jewelry?

Your appraisal box will arrive in a large FedEx box. It will include five items:

  1. Detailed directions on how to pack your items including a list of your nearest staffed FedEx stores. If you prefer, you can schedule an at home pick up by calling (800) GO-FEDEX. Shipping is 100% complimentary.
  2. A pre-paid FedEx shipping label is included which is insured against loss or damage for up to $5,000. If you need additional insurance coverage, you can obtain your own insurance. Please call (888) 448-6699 for a list of our preferred providers. In the event, you obtain your own insurance and accept our offer, we will reimburse you for the additional insurance cost.
  3. A box that will serve as an insert for the main shipping box which will include bubble wrap to secure your valuables in the box during the shipping process.
  4. Our customer return card for you to fill out so we know exactly what was shipped to us.
  5. The main shipping box. This is the boxes that you will use to return your diamonds to Elite Diamond Buyers. All diamond jewelry must be shipped in a box within a box.

When your package is ready, bring it to the nearest staffed FedEx store or give them a call and schedule an in home pick up.

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